Sukkia, it Socks :D

Happy New Year all !

It has been a while but now I'm back home and I'm working hard for my new company. There is so many things to do ... and in right order. But I hope I will be able to start soon.

This is all what I have accompliched during my vacation on Alps. 4 pairs of socks :

 First pair was not very pretty and  it felt like made of plate : I

These I called hybrid socks : ugly but wearable

These socks I made  of thread I got as Christmas gift

and these as well. 

 I  have only one pair to finish and then I'm done with knitting for this winter .. I hope

Some pictures of Nero

2 kommenttia:

  1. Happy New Year!!!! congratulations on starting your new business I am very happy for you.
    The socks look great, I bet they are nice and warm.
    Love the pictures of Nero, very cute.

  2. Tervetuloa takaisin, welcome back! Käsin tehdyt sukat ovat tosi jees.