Almost a miracle

2 weeks ago, after the big storm here in Finland, I wanted to take pictures of the disaster and fallen trees in our forest.

I took my very new camera with me and while I burned the branches the camera was in awhite plastic bag. Well, in the evening I thought that my husband took the bag because I didn't see it in the white snow.

Yesterday, after 2 weeks, after couple of snow storms and after searching everywhere, I decided to give it a one last shot. I took a snow showel and I went to the forest. There was almost 30 cm snow :D

And voila, after 15 tries I hit the bag. And yes, the camera was there. I took it inside, I put the power on and I took a picture. So far so good. But I still need to wait till I can transfer the pictures to my computer. It will be the final test if my sweet little camera has survived the Finnish winter.

These pictures were taken with this camera = Canon IXUS 220HS

Happy dance  :D

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  1. Tärkeät tavarat AINA löytyvät! Mutta aivan erityinen selviytymistarina.