Shopping in Tokyo

My destination in Japan was Tokyo and  to be more precise the fabrics. I knew there were few barriers like letters and language. But what can you do. The girl has to do what the girl has to do.

So my first stop was Ginza, lovely place but not for me. I have too big shoulders for clothes.

Next day I visited in Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museun were they had a special exhibition. It is a Japanese way of dyeing clots by using of a traditional type of stencils. It had a huge impact to Art Nouveau  and Jugend style. Even today we can found can found those prints used today. Like the fabric I used in japanilaisia-krysanteemeja pussukoissa  and actually one of my fabrics was hanging on their wall (Liberty of London)

On Monday I hit the road big time. My coal was Nippori fabric town. I found out about it in web site called Asking for Troubles. And that was how I felt aswell. I needed to have a good map and plenty of cash. No credit card accepted. Well in less than 2 hours I run out of any cash. 

Planning my way, actually it looks more difficult than it was.

There was so many fabric stores but for quilting I found only TOMATO store.
The price level was not that good but still much less than in Finland. Lots of beautiful small prints. These were only 50 * 25 cm. Otherwise the minimum was 1 m. And I wanted to have lots of different patterns. Aren't they pretty..

These I bought 2 m, delicious !

Gammill news

All is good. I have quilt my first fabric on my own and all went well.

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  1. Vaikuttaa oikein onnistuneelta reissulta. Ihania kankaita. Tervetuloa takaisin arkeen.

  2. Jestas miten ihania kankaita, olet käynyt taas tilkkuilijan taivaassa = ihanassa kangaskaupassa. Jännä nähdä mitä näistä sitten syntyy.

  3. Olenkin ihmetellyt, missä olet kun ei tule yhtään blogipostauksia sieltä. IHQja kankaita! Kade kade, vaikkei tarvitsisi olla kun kaikki paikat kotona PURSUAA kankaita.

  4. When I was in Tokyo in 2004 there was this huge building with several floors of things you need for handicraft (like Niru-naru, only a hundred times bigger :), including an entire floor with quilt fabrics! If only I could remember the name of the store! It starts with "Ya", I think!

    I hope you're enjoying your stay! Kristin in Borås

  5. oh I just love those reds, pinks and whites you bought, what a fun trip! glad to hear your having fun with the Gamill
    send me an email I need your email address again :)

  6. Moi!
    Mielettömän ihania kankaita!!!!
    ONNEA UUDELLE YRITYKSELLE ja tottakai tuun käymään seuraavan kerran kun olen Helsingissä.
    Haleja täältä Vaasasta!